Thursday, February 18, 2010

We came, we saw, we conquered!  After long non-starts at both Logan and Miama, we landed in the DR - safe and sound; and thanks to Mr. Utter's HB eggs, not too hungry (don't worry Parents - we ate in Miami).  We have wonderful sleeping accomodations, a pool, and plenty of people taking good care of us.  Today, we are in classes at Doulos teaching the Dominican students how to play Settlers of Catan. 

We began our day by leading chapel; regaling the students here with (somewhat exaggerated versions of) our preparations and journey.  We led their chapel with two songs and they taught us how to greet them (air smooches for girls, handshakes for boys). 

Tonight we will be dinner-guests at the homes of school families. Tomorrow we visit a public school. Saturday, we are off to Playa Fronton.  Parents, post some comments and we will try to retrieve them and pass them on.  Not certain when we will next check in on the interwebs, but Henry's phone works if you need it.

Love from the Dominican Republic
7/8 graders  XOXOXO

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Juego de la Republica

Our 7/8 grade class is busy designing a game to take with us to the DR.  It is based on the Settlers of Catan.  The rules and progression of play are the same, but everything is changed to fit the Dominican landscape and culture - at least as far as we know.  We have created terrains and resources that we think represent things we will find there.  We have a rain forest terrain and coffee beans for example.  Instead of a 'Biggest Army' card, we will have a 'Biggest Baseball Team' card.  It has been tempting to have the Thief be a Pirate of the Caribbean, but that seems too corny.  The artwork that the students are producing is amazing!

We would like to play our game with the students there.  Perhaps they will help us refine various concepts. It should help to break the ice.  It is certainly motivating us to learn about their country.

Nuestra 7/8 clase está ocupada diseñando un juego para llevar con nosotros a la República Dominicana. Se basa en el Settlers of Catan. Las normas y la progresión del juego son las mismas, pero todo ha cambiado para adaptarse al paisaje y la cultura dominicana - al menos en lo que sabemos. Hemos creado terrenos y los recursos que representan las cosas que encontramos allí. Tenemos un terreno de selva tropical y los granos de café, por ejemplo. En lugar de una tarjeta del "Ejército mas grande ", vamos a tener una tarjeta del ' Equipo de Béisbol mas grande'. Ha sido la tentación que el Ladrón sera un pirata del Caribe, pero se parece demasiado cursi. La obra de arte que los estudiantes están produciendo es increíble

Queremos jugar nuestro juego con los estudiantes allí. Quizás nos ayudará a refinar diversos conceptos. Se espera que ayude a conocer mejor. Sin duda, nos motiva a aprender sobre su país.

Monday, January 25, 2010

We are blogging!

Welcome to our blog!  This is an über-blog, dedicated to letting you know about our impending adventures in the DR.  We look forward to creating a link between our classroom and our new friends in Jarabacoa.
Bienvenidos a nuestro blog!  Es un über-blog, dedicado a informarles sobre las aventuras que nos esperan en la DR.  Esperamos crear una coneccion entre nuestra clase y nuestros amigos nuevos en Jarabacoa!
Let's go!